Regional Anaesthesia Course in Limerick

6 Feb

This course is commonly taken by Anaesthesia Trainees but there are spots available for EM trainees also. This is a great opportunity to acquire some new skills

From the ISRA website

ISRA Foundation Course template

An all-day intensive course with the following standard format irrespective of the course location:

  • 09:00: Introduction to Regional Anaesthesia (RA) Problem Based Learning
  • 09:15: Ultrasonography & Physical Principles
  • 09:45: RA Scenarios
    • Upper limb Trauma/Elective surgical case
    • Lower limb Trauma/ Elective surgical case
  • 10:00: Ultrasonography of the Axilla (hands-on training with live models)
  • 11:00: Tea Break
  • 11:15: US of anterior thigh (hands-on training with live models)
  • 12:15: US of posterior thigh (hands-on training with live models)
  • 13:15: Lunch break
  • 14:00: Hand eye coordination Phantom skills (faculty demo and assessment of needling skills)
  • 15:30: Putting it all together: Regional Anaesthesia Patient Management Scenarios
    • Upper limb surgery/ lower limb surgery case- participants describe and simulate block setup and administration on the course models

125 euro for Consultants

80 euro for Trainees

Free if ISRA member with receipt e-mailed to Catherine Nix (address on PDF below) by Feb 10th.

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