Clinical Case 13

10 Oct

A 26 year old man presented with a 6 month history of weight loss night sweats and swelling to the neck and anterior chest. Right external jugular veins were distended on assessment. POCUS was used to evaluate a swelling of … Read More »

Clinical Case 011

27 Mar

A 69 year old lady presents to the emergency department overnight with nausea, vomiting, and weight loss. This has been worsening for a period of weeks.  She has now become confused and cannot tell you any of her past medical … Read More »

Clinical Case 09

16 Nov

Author: Nicolas Lim, EM Trainee You are attending a 70 year old male on the corridor of a busy emergency department. GP referral with vomiting and headaches after an unwitnessed fall in nursing home. He is currently on Dabigatran for … Read More »

Clinical Case 08

20 Sep

The case A young male with a history of intravenous drug use presents to the ED of POCUS General Hospital with bleeding from a sinus in his groin. The bleeding was minor and there is none at present.