Useful Resources

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This section contains links to many useful free blogs, podcasts and other online media that we hope you find interesting and useful. These resources are all designed to be short, entertaining and well presented. They are not a substitute for the requirements of any given ultrasound accreditation programme.


Podcasts (links to iTunes feed):

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Image Management:

many of us have images that we would like to share or use in presentations and struggle with anonymisation or cropping the image or even finding the right format. Below are some useful resources to tackle this. All are Mac based.  [kudos to @ultrasoundjelly for most of these]

  • Clip Deidentifier – allows you to remove a certain number of pixels from the top of a video clip – very useful for anonymising clips if they have not been already
  • FFMPEG – a stand alone video editing app that allows you to crop pixels but also join clips if needed.
  • DICOM2MP4 (beta) – many machines will export in DICOM format which is technically challenging to work with. This app will convert large numbers of clips to MP4 format
  • PicGIF (€5) – creates GIF files from video clips. These are automatically playing images that loop that are useful for positing online or using in presentations.
  • Osirix – this is a DICOM viewer and manager – mainly aimed at CT and MRI but can handle US DICOM files well. Also allows de-identification and exporting as more common file formats.